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Swiss Charity Concerts Not in OUR name

Swiss Charity Concerts; Not in OUR name

With the Swiss Charity Concerts Not in OUR name, Human Rights Lawyers For Syrian Refugees und Volunteers for Humanity open up a new trend of support for refugees of the current Syrian crisis. Together with the Cypriot Rock Band “Minus One”, supported by the Swiss Band “Hot Like Sushi”, the two NPOs organize a fundraising to support Syrian refugees on the run. The not for profit organizations have, together with the Musicians, chosen for both nights a demanding program.

With Alter Ego, Minus One who already are very famous in the Mediterranean

area for many years, this year also hit – during the Eurovision Song Contest – the northern part of Europe. 

Not in OUR name is a project to support people on the run to live in their temporary homes a dignified life until they can return to their countries.

The two charity concerts will take place on 4th and 5th November, 2016.

4th November, Schützi Olten



5th November, Komplex 457




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