‘Passion Rock’ review!

MINUS ONE – RED BLACK WHITE (2018 – duration: 44’52 ” – 11 pieces)

Formed in 2009, M1nus One is the most successful Cypriot rock band, especially since they represented the Republic of Cyprus (southern part of the island, member of the European Union) in the competition of Eurovision in 2016. The style of the combo is very festive, with a heavy funk, pop, electro and glam sound. With a pleasant singing, but which is singularly lacking in aggressiveness, we remain globally in a calibrated register for the radios and clubs that line the beaches from Agia Napa or Larnaka.

We have hard-sleaze[1] titles though, like “How does it feel” or “Red Black White” with Ouh Ouh Ouh which remind us of Kiss. “The Greatest” with a tip of electro sound is already less bloody, yet with a heavy and amazing rhythmic, but the very pop singing is really too tender. In a very similar register, “Run Away”, a title of AOR with some strong riffs and “Girl”, on a mid-tempo and with a beautiful singing showing, this time, a lot of maturity, both offer a nice guitar solo. Note that these six-string episodes are sparse but rather pleasant, as evidenced by the acoustics part in “The Other Side of Mind”. Moreover, the two ballads “Sometimes” and “Nothing for Nothing” are very well done, and the two funkiest titles that are “Psycho 5” and “Take me away” are very catchy and invite clearly to the party. It is obvious that this album is directed more towards the glam and the pop than towards the metal, but this is not unpleasant, on the contrary. (Jacques Lalande)

[1] Hard-sleaze: Urban dictionary – reference to bands which may sound pop but are heavier. Examples: Motley Crue, Skid Row, Guns N’ Roses

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