Review by Scream Magazine!

Another review of our new album ‘Red Black White’

Cypriot Minus One has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest and it says a lot about the rock band performing. Occasionally it is light-skinned and simple, but it also contains heaviness and good with the truck. The album will probably appeal to fans most of AOR and melodic hard rock. They are skilled in the field of sifting, but the music is not very exciting and the really good melodies glitter with …….. The band’s vocalist bars a lot of the music, he does a solid job. The album opens with a lung case made by guitars that mix between riffs and simple chords. A lift stationary cut with a thin melody. They try to promise it all with the chorus, they just can’t do it. “Girl” is a cracking good track with a solid slide, good weight and not least a grumpy tune. In addition, the guitarist should have a plus in the margin for very good work. The composition “How Does It Feel” works best in the funky parties, otherwise the lift is a resounding, much-appreciated unsightly blower. The same goes for “Take Me Away” which somehow makes me think of Marcus & Martinus in the chorus. Not good! Easy-to-use “Sometimes” is too sweet for my taste, but the guitar playing is that style over. The good production done by Soren Andersen (Mike Tramp, Artillery) is to have honors for the job he has done. – Stig Odegaard

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